CSIS Agent Danny Palmer

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In 2003 my wife and I were being harassed by the police and Canadian Intelligence and we were not sure why. We were living in Chatham Ontario at the time and the police and intelligence agents were coming to our house and accusing me of crimes that I didn’t commit. There was no way I could of commited any crimes because my wife and I are always together, I never go anywhere without my wife or family members with me but the agents were coming to our house and taking me outside the house and accusing me of crimes I didn’t commit. I told them they could talk to my wife because she is always with me, there was no way I could of comitted any crimes but they were not interested in talking to my family members to prove I didn’t commit any crimes.

We thought it was strange but they started the harassment shortly after I received a JURY DUTY request in the mail. They wanted me to be part of a jury to help them convict somebody. I didn’t think much of it at the time but I knew since I had a criminal record from 15 years ago I knew I legally would not be able to be on a jury, and I thought it was strange that they were asking someone with a criminal record to be part of a jury, I didn’t think that was possible so I told them I couldn’t because I have a record and shortly after that is when the harassment and accusations started.

They were trying to pic fights with me on the streets and everything. We were living in a goverment housing complex and decided to leave because of the harassment. We left Chatham Ontario and moved to Thunderbay Ontario just to start new and get away from the harassment but the harassment continued there also. They were assaulting us there and that is when they first recruited our oldest daughter to work for them.

It was around the end of 2003 that we moved to Thunderbay Ontario and we think that was the assassination that the CSIS AGENT DANNY PALMER was talking about. DANNY PALMER of CSIS reported that Canadian Intelligence ordered the assassination of 2 people on Canadian soil and we think he was talking about my wife and I.







My older daughter that began working for Canadian Intelligence in Thunderbay warned us to be careful for some reason, she said the government was out to get us. We knew they were out to get us because of the constant harassment but we didn’t think our government was trying to kill us.

It was around the end of 2003 that we had our furnace inspected by UNION GAS for the winter ahead. The technition came out to our house and cleaned and inspected the furnace and changed the filters and everything, it was working fine. We noticed we were being followed everywhere we went by undercover agents but we didn’t know from what agency. They would try to talk to us and we were always nice to them but we didn’t want to get to friendly with the agents because the whole time we were working for them in London Ontario they were trying to set us up. We though it was strange working for them because they wanted us to help them set up people that were not even breaking the law but the whole time we were working for them they were also trying to set us up.

It was a couple of months after we got our furnace ready for winter we went out with our family one night and when we came back home we smelled gas. After a couple days the smell of gas didn’t go away so I called UNION GAS to come and have a look at it. The technition came out and inspected it and told us someone unscrewed a coupling on the furnace and told us it was a good thing we called him because he said the whole house would of blown up.

We stayed in Thunderbay Ontario for 3 years, during that time we were poisoned there for the first time. We didn’t know who did it though but the poison came from a radio station. We thought we were being listen to in our home in Thunderbay Ontario because we were being harassed by the government there and they always knew what we were talking about in the privacy of our home.

My wife used to listen to a certain radio station and we all listened to it with her. They had a contest one day and you had to phone in to win a prize. She thought she would call and try to win and when she called she was the first caller through so she won the contest. The prize was a big bag of mens shower products, they only had a mens prize but no prize for women which was strange. She had to go to the radio station to pick up the prize. When she got there it was a big black bag of mostly mens body wash and in bold white letters it said MENS on the side of the bag, we stll have the bag to this very day. Everyone in our family used the body wash but my wife and I used most of it and we became very ill.

We didn’t know at the time that it was the body wash though until they poisoned us again in British Columbia the same way. We have been poisoned a number of times since then and I now have cancer from the poisonings and my wife might have it also. We left Thunderbay Ontario in 2006 and moved to Windsor Ontario and that is when Canadian Intelligence tried to set us up with fraudulent 30-08 terrorist warrants. That is when we heard of a number of cities across Ontario were disiplined for JURY RIGGING and Thunderbay Ontario and Windsor Ontario were 2 of them. The police were stacking the JURYS with people that would vote their way to convict people they didn’t like. That was probably why they wanted me for JURY DUTY in Chatham Ontario.

My wife and I often think back to when we lived in Victoria BC around the end of the 1990’s and the intelligence agents we met then. They warned us then that they were listening to us in our home but we never believed them, we thought they were pulling our leg when they told us that because they told us it was because of the books I was borrowing at the library, who would of thought borrowing books could get a person in trouble. No wonder the Canadian Government won’t give us any of our personal information through OUR FREEDOM OF INFORMATION requests.

I hope they will no longer try to murder our 3 remaining children like they murdered our 2 older daughters. Thanks for reading. Follow the money.



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