UPDATED: Canadian Intelligence Tried To Murder Our Family



When Canadian intelligence found out our daughters warned us that they were trying to set us up as patsies for terror related activities Canadian intelligence contacted us and threatened us that they could assassinate me or my family at any time and make it look like an accident or a suicide and that no body would ever believe us if we told them. They were right because we went to the police and notified them and they laughed at us. Our oldest daughter was in university studying enviromental science at Lake Head university in Thunder Bay Ontario and they told us they could give her work placement in a logging camp in British Columbia and that anything could happen to her and we would never see her again. They were right because we haven’t seen or heard from her since she was sent home to investigate us for Canadian intelligence in 2008 and she disappeared completely, we always kept in touch with her and her friends don’t know what happened to her either. Both of our daughters have disappeared just like Canadian intelligence said they would to cover up the corrupt 30-08 terror investigation they were trying to do to us. Our other daughter was in St.Clair college in Windsor Ontario and she has disappeared completely also. Her friends don’t know what happened to her either. They spent all of their time on the internet with their friends but their last online profiles are from 2008 when they were sent home to investigate us for Canadian Intelligence.

My family and I started warning people about Harper’s brutal secret police agency 7 years ago and Harper’s government murdered our 2 daughters and the Kathy Liknes family and tried to murder the rest of our family over the fraudulent 30-08 warrants against us.

My family and I have been dealing with the Harper governments ACCESS TO INFORMATION system for 2 years now trying to get our 30-08 warrant information so we can sue the Harper government for torturing and murdering our family and we are still waiting for them to help us.

We were told our requests need our signatures, birth dates, and social insurance numbers. We send in the FOI request forms with a sample of our hand writing, multiple samples of our signatures, our birthdates, copies of our birth certificates and copies of our social insurance cards.

My wife and I finally got our second reply back from our RCMP freedom of information requests that we sent them to get our 30-08 warrant information and the investigation information that our daughters were working on before they were murdered. My wifes reply from the RCMP was that they needed to know what RCMP detachment has her information so they can find it and my reply from the RCMP was that they needed to know my birthdate before they can find my information. We are being stonewalled by the RCMP from getting our information.

My wife and I just got our reply back from CSEC. They need to know from us what section of CSEC is holding our 30-08 warrant information so they can find it. They don’t know what section of CSEC holds terror investigation information. What are we suppose to say to that? How are we suppose to get our 30-08 warrant information and have a proper investigation done for the torture and murder of our family for the last 6 years? Who is going to help us?

CSIS and the Ontario Justice Department are not even replying back to us and SIRC should of got back to us already but they just tabled a letter in Parliament on March 31st stating they can not properly investigate CSIS.



The Ontario government is the only government that hasn’t got back to us in the last 2 years of trying to get our information. Since 2013 we have contacted The Ontario Privacy Commissioner numerous times and they never got back to us. We have contacted Kathleen Wynne numerous times and she has never got back to us. We have also contacted The Justice Department Of Ontario and they haven’t got back to us. It makes sence because most of the abuse in the last 15 years has come from the Ontario Government and both our daughters were assassinated in Ontario by Canadian Intelligence and when we were in Ontario that is where Canadian Intelligence told us to leave because our lives were in danger. Ontario is also were we met Kathy Liknes before her and her family were murdered by Canadian Intelligence. Kathy Liknes told us it was going to be the Ontario government that was going to pay us $250,000 for the abuse of our family before they murdered our daughters and attempted to murder the rest of our family. Also it was in Windsor Ontario they tried to assassinate the remainder of our family in January 2013 before Judge Richard Mosley put an end to the torture and assassination attempts against us by Canadian Intelligence over the fradulent 30-08 warrants they got from lying to Judge Richard Mosley. Also, Justin Trudeau won’t even reply back to us after we sent him a letter asking him for help. We contact every MP in the Federal Liberal Party by mail and only one Federal Liberal Party MP replied back to us and she passed on our request for help to our MP Don Davies who lied to her and told her he had already reached out to us but we actually reached out to him and he wouldn’t even see us and told us through his staff that he couldn’t help us. We contacted another NDP MP from another riding that helped us out in finding where some of information is. They were alot more help to us then Don Davies was. It is pretty bad when your MP in your riding won’t even bother with you and another MP from a different riding goes out of their way to do the job your MP who you voted for was elected to do. Thanks for reading. Follow the money.


We just got our reply back from SIRC on the 15th April, we asked them to investigate CSIS to help us get our information because CSIS won’t even reply back to us. SIRC’s reply to us was “SIRC does not have any information on you and if you are not satisfied with our answer you can complain to The Privacy Commissioner of Canada.” SIRC won’t even investigate CSIS for us over the torture and murder of our daughters. We are thinking of starting a blog and posting all the documentation we have gotten from the Harper government agencies to show everyone the run around they have been giving us since 2013 trying to get our 30-08 warrant information.


CSIS got back to us and said they searched the database that holds the 30-08 warrant information and they can’t tell us what information is in there because it is not covered under the Privacy Act.

These are the type of games every government agency we have applied to to get our 30-08 warrant information through the freedom of information system has been playing with us for over a year now. Information Minister Suzanne Legault, The Justice Department Of Canada, The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada, Ontario Justice Department, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, AD-HOC Privacy Commissioner John Sims, The Justice Department Of BC, The Privacy Commissioner Of BC, The Law Society Of BC, CSIS, SIRC, CSEC, RCMP have all been playing games with us.

Bill C-51 hasn’t even passed yet and Harper is already trying to use it against his political rivals already. My family and I have just got our reply back from Jason Kenney’s department, the Department Of National Defense, we asked his department for our 30-08 terror warrant information so we can sue the Harper government for the torture and murder of our family. Jason Kenny’s department said they need to know from us which one of their databases is holding our 30-08 terror warrant information so they can find it for us. They don’t know where the terror investigation data is located and now Jason Kenney is saying that there can’t be proper oversight of Canadian Intelligence because there might be spies in the opposition parties in parliament.


We also contacted our NDP leaders here in Canada asking them if they can help us get our information and Richard Fadden is accusing them of being spies again but he won’t name names.

We contacted the Canadian Intelligence watchdogs last week to investigate Canadian Intelligence for the torture and murder of our family and Steven Blaney and Health Minister Rona Ambrose started harassing the Vancover municipality where we live because they won’t torture and murder our family like other municipalities in Canada have so they are trying to deplete their municipal revenues by closing down their medicine despensaries here in our municipality.



They contacted our landlord again to try to get him to evict us again and this time they got our landlord to turn off our hot water in hopes we will leave. They have had our apartments bugged with listening devices and have been intercepting our emails and electronic communications since 2008 and now they are taking our mail from the post office after we drop it off there and bringing it back to our home and putting it in our mail box so we have to mail it all over again just to try and block us from finding legal representation to sue them. They murdered our daughters. They have tried murdering us and they have poisoned us and assaulted us and kicked us out of numerous cities and apartments and tried running us down on the streets numerous times and I have cancer from the poisonings. They have also damaged our computer systems (sabataged) to try and stop us from posting online about them. This is just a sample of what they will be using bill C-51 for but they have been doing this to us since 2008.

We finally got our first trickle of intelligence investigation documents on us from the government after being denied them for over a year now. It is just a start but it should be enough to help secure a lawyer to try and pry the rest of our intelligence information on us from them. The agents were falsefying violent intelligence investigation on us to make it look like they were doing some serious investigations. Some of the information was redacted but we do remember inviting the agents into our home to party and they turned around and falsely claimed they were doing serious intelligence investigations on us. They made up stuff about investigating on other days we didn’t even meet with them. Some of the agents we even had to kick out of our home for selling drugs, they wanted to sell drugs out of our home to entrap people and we wouldn’t let them and when asked to leave they wouldn’t leave so we had to forcefully remove them and they went back to their headquarters and filed reports that they were doing violent intelligence investigations on us. We can’t believe what we have read, no wonder they tried to murder us, this information is damaging, no wonder people have been treating us like we are terrorists. Some of the agents claims against us we were not even in the province when they claimed to be investigating us, we were in a totally different province and we have proof. This is stuff we have never done or have ever been charged with. We can’t believe this, this is pretty damaging stuff.


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