Richard Fadden’s Bill C-51



Bill C-51 hasn’t even passed yet and Harper is already trying to use it against his political rivals already. My family and I have just got our reply back from Jason Kenney’s department, the Department Of National Defense, we asked his department for our 30-08 terror warrant information so we can sue the Harper government for the torture and murder of our family. Jason Kenny’s department said they need to know from us which one of their databases is holding our 30-08 terror warrant information so they can find it for us. They don’t know where the terror investigation data is located and now Jason Kenney is saying that there can’t be proper oversight of Canadian Intelligence because there might be spies in the opposition parties in parliament.

We also contacted our NDP leaders here in Canada asking them if they can help us get our information and Richard Fadden is accusing them of being spies again but he won’t name names.

We contacted the Canadian Intelligence watchdogs last week to investigate Canadian Intelligence for the torture and murder of our family and Steven Blaney and Health Minister Rona Ambrose started harassing the Vancover municipality where we live because they won’t torture and murder our family like other municipalities in Canada have so they are trying to deplete their municipal revenues by closing down their medicine despensaries here in our municipality.

They contacted our landlord again to try to get him to evict us again and this time they got our landlord to turn off our hot water in hopes we will leave. They have had our apartments bugged with listening devices and have been intercepting our emails and electronic communications since 2008 and now they are taking our mail from the post office after we drop it off there and bringing it back to our home and putting it in our mail box so we have to mail it all over again just to try and block us from finding legal representation to sue them. This is just a sample of what they will be using bill C-51 for but they have been doing this to us since 2008. Thanks for reading. Follow the money.

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