Craigslist Canadian Intelligence Abuse


Between 2008-2009 my wife and I met Canadian Intelligence agents through Craigslist who wanted us to work for them to set up blacks and gays and people with mental disabilities for arrest and abuse and murder through Craigslist. We would not help them so they started abusing my family and I.

We contact Craigslist numerous times between 2009-2013 and informed them about what was going on but they ignored us and started blocking our accounts. We were informed by an agent that Canadian Craigslist servers were controlled by the Harper government and they made a deal with Craig and that Buckmaster guy otherwise they would block Craigslist from Canada. Canadian Intelligence used my wife and I to get fraudulent 30-08 terror warrants from the Courts and when the Courts found out they were furious.

We posted an open letter to Craigslist about the abuse in 2013, the same year the Harper government tried to assassinate us 2 times.

The same day we posted the open letter to Craigslist they changed their TERMS OF SERVICE policies to try and shield themselves from getting sued for what they are doing. Here is the open letter to Craigslist we wrote and here is their TERMS OF SERVICE policies they changed that day, and starting that day they made all the Craigslist users around the world agree to those TERMS OF SERVICE policies otherwise they weren’t allowed to log into their Craigslists accounts again.

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