Justin Trudeau Federal Liberal Party Corruption Part 1

In 2003 the Canadian government tried to assassinate my wife and I, the assassination was supposed to be just the 2 of us but they decided to take out our whole family, my wife and I and our 5 young children. Here is what happened.



The government in power at the time was the Paul Martin Federal Liberal Party. The assassination attempt was around Christmas 2003 and the Justice Minister Of Canada at the time was Irwin Cotler. The assassination was to be carried out by CSIS and would of been ordered by The Justice Minister Irwin Cotler. CSIS only acts on the orders of the highest in command and they always take their orders from The Justice Minister.


The assassination orders would of been given before July 2003 when we were being harrassed by Canadian Intelligence because CSIS agent Danny Palmer was fired in July 2003 because he spoke out to his superiors about the abuse and the assassinations and he was fired for it.

CSIS terminated Palmer’s employment in July 2003. The Federal Court dismissed Palmer’s application for the judicial review in April 2013.

“The conduct and discipline measures against me and my dismissal involved my concern over the undermining of operations, violations of policies and the actual criminal negligence, such as allowing two Canadian residents to be targeted assassination in Canada by a Foreign Intelligence Service and associated CSIS target (sic),” wrote Palmer, in the Nov. 15, 2006, letter.




Danny Palmers boss at the time was Mr. Ward Elcock the head of CSIS, here is some of his corruption.





Mr. Ward Elcock’s boss at the time was Martin Cauchon, he was the Justice Minister Of Canada from January 15, 2002 till December 11, 2003. He belonged to Jean Chretien’s Federal Liberal Party, he would of gave the go ahead for the assassinations before he left the duties of Justice Minister, before Irwin Cotler took over in December 2003.



Martin Cauchon’s right hand man was Wayne Easter, he was Solicitor General under Jean Chretien from October 22, 2002 till December 11, 2003. Wayne Easter was in charge of Canadian Intelligence and the RCMP just like the Public Saftey Minister Steve Blaney is now.Wayne Easter would of been well aware of the planned assassination against my wife and kids and I. He is in Justin Trudeau’s Federal Liberal Party as Irwin Cotler is also. Martin Cauchon wanted to lead The Federal Liberal Party in 2013 but they knew they needed a cleaner leader to win so they went with Justin Trudeau instead.Here is Wayne Easter partying it up at an RCMP Conservative party party. He is Justin Trudeau’s Public Safety Critic, if the Justin Trudeau Federal Liberal Party wins the election in October Wayne will be responsible for our safety and implementing Bill C-51 against us that Steven Harper awarded him with.


The assassination attempt against us around Christmas of 2003 almost succeeded, they almost blew our house up but we managed to catch on to what they were up to before they did but shortly after that they poisoned us for the first time. I guess after they though about it for a while they realized they could use us for something bigger. They tried to use us in 2007 to get terror warrants with Special Powers that they wanted really bad so they could integrate their intelligence agency with the U.S. but Judge Blanchard turned them down. They were able to get regular terror warrants on us in 2008 and in 2009 they lied to Judge Richard Mosley so they could upgrade those regular terror warrants to 30-08 warrants with the Special Powers that they were looking for.


Irwin Cotler ended up announcing he will be stepping down this year over the torture and assassination attempts against my wife and kids and I. Also stepping down over the corruption are Justice Minister Peter Mackay, Harper’s Fedederal Minister for Ontario John Baird and
Harper’s Fedederal Minister for British Columbia James Moore. Irwin Cotler reluctantly announced he’s stepping down the same day we applied to The Justice Department Of Canada for our torture and assassination information so we can sue the Harper government.


Irwin Cotler announced that same day after The Justice Department Of Canada got our information request that he will be reluctantly leaving Justin Trudeau’s Federal Liberal Party. Here are our documents.


At the time when we were applying for our information online, Canadian Intelligence were monitoring us and our internet in real time as we were filling out this application, and we thought it was funny because they wouldn’t let us continue with our online application unless we agreed to their new terms of service agreement. The new agreement poped up on the screen and we had to agree to it before we could go any further. As you can see on the date at the bottom of the agreement they made it up in real time also.







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