Updated: 6 Year RCMP Investigation




My family and I have been struggling with the Harper government and more recently with the RCMP just to get our investigation information they have on us. I used to work undercover for the RCMP to help them get their arrest warrants from the Judges and the RCMP just notified us by mail that we are not even entitled under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT to get any of that information at all.

They have been leading us on since the begining of this year by telling us to get our investigation information from them that they need this information from us, and they need that information from us, before they can give us our investingation information to us under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT, and after jumping through hoops to give them what they asked for they just sent us a letter saying we are not entitled under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT to have access to even just basic criminal investigation information. We know we have been investigated on and off by the RCMP for close to 30 years but we are not allowed to know what the investigations were about even though the investigations never amounted to any charges against us.

We understand why CSIS and CSEC are not able to give us our 30-08 warrant investigation information because they said it is classified even though CSIS never charged us for anything either after investigting us from 2008-2010, but the RCMP says we are not even entitled to our regular investigation information from them.

We applied to The Justice Minister Of B.C., Honourable Suzanne Anton for our investigation warrant information to find out what we were and are being investigated for here in B.C. but all she would send us is court documents from when I was in trouble with the law over 15 years ago for prescription medication abuse that I was getting from my doctor. I was addicted to sleeping pills and alcohol over 15 years ago and I did some stupid things that I didn’t even remember doing the next day. I took a whole bottle of sleeping medication one night and I guess I left my house and went to a 7-11 variety store and stole a handful of change from the clerk there. I didn’t remember taking the sleeping pills or stealing the change from the clerk at the store but I was arrested and I spent about a week in jail and they ended up charging me with theft when my court dates were done with. I don’t even remember much of being in jail either and the courts said the only reason they kept me in jail for a week was because I was so out of it from the sleeping pills that the jail guards had to carrying me into the court to see the Judge.

It was a generic brand of that Ambian type sleeping medication and I was addicted to that for quite a while. It was really bad stuff, it was highly addictive for sleeping medication and that was the last time I ever got that stuff from my doctor again. I was taking sleeping medication for many years for a sleeping disorder and they changed my medication to that stuff and that was really powerful medication for a sleeping pill.

The courts gave me a years probation and community service and that is the last time I was in trouble with the law. Since then, the Canadian government has gotten a number of different criminal and terror warrants on me and my wife in B.C. and Ontario but we are not allowed to know anything about what for. We know the 30-08 warrants were fraudulent because CSIS used my wife and I and lied to Judge Richard Mosley to get the warrants, and Judge Richard Mosley sternly rebuked CSIS and CSEC for doing that but we can’t even get our RCMP criminal warrant investigation information to know what the government was up to.

All we know is from our 2 older daughters that were sent back home to live with us by the RCMP in 2008 to investigate us.


We don’t think they told our daughters the whole truth either. We don’t think our daughters even knew what they were getting into. My wife has never broken the law in her life and she has no criminal record at all and the RCMP won’t even give her a single piece of her investigation information and now they are telling us that all of our information can be held back from us because of certain clauses in the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT. It doesn’t make sence to us so we are going to have to try and find a lawyer and ask the courts to help us secure our personal information from the government.

We have been dealing with the Harper government to get our investigation information since 2013 and they keep lying to us and they keep sending us fraudulent documents. Here is our more recent attempts to get our information. Here is what we sent them and this is what they sent us.




This is what they sent us.





Here is our next attempt after that one didn’t succeed.





Here is their next reply to us.





That attempt didn’t work either so we sent the RCMP a list of places we have been for them to check like they wanted.








And here is their next reply.





As you can see there, the RCMP acknowledged the places that we sent them.

Merrit B.C./Langford B.C./Duncan B.C./Prince George B.C./Burnaby B.C./Oakbay B.C./Esquimalt B.C./Victoria B.C./Kamloops B.C./Nanaimo B.C./Vancouver B.C./London Ont./Leamington Ont./Chatham Ont./Thunderbay Ont./Windsor Ont./

So we waited for their reply and here is what they sent us.




The RCMP altered our list of places and they left 6 of the cities we asked them to search off of our list and they only searched one city, DUNCAN B.C. the city where I was charged over 15 years ago for stealing the change from the 7-11 variety store.

The cities that they left off the list were /London Ont./Leamington Ont./Chatham Ont./Thunderbay Ont./Windsor Ont./ and Victoria B.C./ They are the cities where we lived and I know for sure I had been investigated by the RCMP by either uniformed and/or undercover RCMP agents on and off for many years. In fact London Ontario is where I had known RCMP warrants taken out on me and London Ontario is where I worked undercover for the RCMP to help them secure their warrants from the Judges and I also met and hung around many RCMP officers in and out of uniform and it was just me and them, there were no other informants there that I would have to get there permission to have their information released because most of the time it was just me and them.

The DUNCAN B.C. database they searched for me was the information relating to my arrest there over 15 years ago for stealing the change from the 7-11 variety store. They sent me similar information as The Justice Minister Of B.C., Honourable Suzanne Anton did but it was a little more informative. In fact most of the documents from DUNCAN B.C. the RCMP sent me were CLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL across the pages they sent me which we looked up and the Canadian government classifies document Confidential when they pertain to National Security that would be damaging to the government of Canada is they were released.

We are not sure why my arrest documents from DUNCAN B.C. for stealing a handful of changed from the 7-11 would be CLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL.

I know why Thunderbay Ontario was left out of their search because that is where CSIS tried to assassinate my wife and kids and I by attempting to blowing up our house in 2003 as stated by the 12 year veteran Agent of CSIS Danny Palmer in 2003


and I know why Windsor Ontario was left off the list because that is where we were investigated by the RCMP and CSIS over the fraudulent 30-08 warrants they got by lying to Judge Richard Mosley and that is where we first met Kathy Liknes who offered us $250,000 dollars from the Ontario government in 2009 for the abuse and poisoning of my family and I,


and I know why Victoria B.C. was left off the list because the 30-08 warrants expired on us there in January 2010 and ever since January 2010 the RCMP has been using provincial B.C. criminal warrants on us for the last 6 year to keep the investigation on us active because as long as the investigation on us is active with a criminal warrant we are not entitled to get our criminal investigation information under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT and they never have to tell us we were ever investigated as long as the investigation is on going, only after a criminal investigation on someone is over do they have to inform the person or persons they were the subject of an investigation and that their house was wired for sound and that their communications were being intercepted.


As we were studing the CLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL documents from DUNCAN B.C. we noticed something very interesting that we think Canadian Intelligence may have over looked. There was one sentence that was not redacted that pertained to an RCMP investigation that was happening to us in Windsor Ontario October 2006, just shortly after we arrived in Windsor Ontario after we left Thunderbay Ontario where CSIS tried to blow us up. We know we where investigated once we arrived in Windsor 2006 and throughout 2007 when CSIS tried to get those “special power” warrants from Judge Blanchard and now we have CLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL documents from Canadian Intelligence referring to an investigation by Canadian Intelligence going on in Windsor Ontario in October 2006.

We will now apply to the Courts and try to have our investigation information released to find out what they were up to.


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