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In May 2014 my family and I contacted KATHLEEN WYNNE about the attempted assassination of our family when we were visiting Windsor Ontario in January 2013. We told her about the attempted assassination of our family and the abuses we suffered from the Ontario government but she would not even return our emails.

In 2015 our family sent the KATHLEEN WYNNE government 2 access to information requests through Canada Post to get our investigation information they have on us but the KATHLEEN WYNNE government completely ignored those requests, not a single reply.

My wife and kids and I arrived back in Ontario in June 2016 to sue the Ontario government for years of abusing our family, we made an appointment with the KATHLEEN WYNNE government for June 10 2016 and MADELEINE MEILLEUR step down June 9 2016, a day before our family met with the KATHLEEN WYNNE government.

We have been abused by the police and intelligence since meeting with the KATHLEEN WYNNE government in June 2016, here is just a bit of what we have been through.

We are living in London Ontario now, we moved here in September 2 months ago, this Outlaw Biker in this news article here approached us down the street from where we live just before he was arrested for murder for hire here in London. He was wearing his full patch Outlaws jacket and he came up to my wife and I about 6 feet from us and stared at us without saying anything, he just stared at us for a long while. We didn’t know what he wanted from us, we thought he was just trying to intimidate us or something and then we seen on the London news that he was arrested about a week after approaching us by the OPP for murder for hire. What do you think we should do now?

It was probably CSIS that sent him to scope us out for another attempt on our lives, you know how they operate. You know how corrupt they are, the Trudeau government put the CSIS agent that covered up the whole Danny Palmer trial as head of CSIS, David Vigneault, a CSIS assistant director.

We are sueing the Trudeau government this month and we are going to talk to the OPP here in London to find out who the murder for hire plot was for. We are under surveilance here in London and the undercovers have tried to start trouble with us on the streets here also. The RCMP and CSIS won’t release any of the FRAUDULENT investigation documents they made up on us, they only sent my wife a bunch of redacted RCMP nation security investigation documents that say nothing.

We are law abiding citizens and my wife has never broken the law in her life, we don’t smoke, we don’t drinks, we don’t party and we never even go out. We spend all of our time with our kids for the last 25 years of our life and as soon as we arrived back in Ontario and we told the government we are sueing them for decades of abuse they took our 14 year old daughter from us and put her in a group home where she is being sexually abuse by a pedophile.




The HARPER GOVERNMENT, in the last days of the 2015 election, when they realized they were going to lose, they signed an almost $700 MIILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT with a ship building corporation to build ships for the military.


STEVE BLANEY was responsible for me and my family BEING TORTURED UNDER THE HARPER GOVERNMENT because he was in control of the RCMP and CSIS. He was the PUBLIC SAFTEY MINISTER.


When the LIBERAL GOVERNMENT won the election and took power on NOVEMBER 04 2015 a large envelope was delivered to our house that day  from the ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE by Canada Post. The envelope contained CLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS that my wife and I applied for through the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT in JULY OF 2015. Here is the first document in a series of documents we received that day from the RCMP. This is the only document out of the series that was not CLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL. The rest of the documents in the series are CLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL and they are mostly REDACTED and they are from the NATIONAL SECURITY ENFORCEMENT ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE COUNTER TERRORISM UNIT.

As you can see from this document, when they made it up, they didn’t even know if or when they were going to give it to us because they didn’t know when their investigation against us was going to end so they didn’t even date the document and they had to stamp the date on later.


It took the RCMP 3 months to answer our request because we were under intense RCMP and CSIS surveillance. We started applying for our RCMP investigation information in MARCH OF 2015 and we continued to apply for our information until OCTOBER OF 2015. All of 2014 we were applying to the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT OF CANADA and the PRIVACY COMMISSIONER OF CANADA and they would not give us our information.

Here is when we started requesting our information in MARCH OF 2015.

And of coarse here is when we stopped requesting our information in OCTOBER OF 2015.

They kept telling us to get our information from the RCMP and CSIS and as soon as we started applying to the RCMP and CSIS from MARCH OF 2015 till OCTOBER OF 2015 the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT OF CANADA ORDERED the RCMP to INTERCEPT OUR COMMUNICATIONS as stated here by the RCMP In this news article.

((“”Police used to apply for a general warrant to use the technology. In 2015, Adam said there was a period of at least six months — between March and October — when the RCMP didn’t seek a warrant at all, acting on advice from the Department of Justice and government prosecutors.””))

The HARPER GOVERNMENT kept denying us our information so we never thought they would give us any until a bit of it was released to us by the HARPER GOVERNMENT in OCTOBER OF 2015 and it came to our place as we were watching JUSTIN TRUDEAU being sworn in as PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA on NOVEMBER 04 2015. We have video recordings of the mailman coming to our house and 2 guys were waiting out front in a car and they tried to steal our RCMP documents.

Shortly after receiving our NATIONAL SECURITY ENFORCEMENT ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE COUNTER TERRORISM UNIT documents on NOVEMBER 04 2015 the NATIONAL SECURITY ENFORCEMENT ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE COUNTER TERRORISM UNIT under BILL C-51 smashed our door in on NOVEMBER 10 2015 and raided our apartment and destroyed our computers and stole some of our government documents and threw us out of our place and onto the streets. We think they were looking for our CLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS that we just received on NOVEMBER 04 2015.

Here is what happened to us after that.

The HARPER GOVERNMENT knew that the newly elected TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT was going to cancel the NAVAL WARSHIP BUILDING CONTRACT which the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT put on hold in mid NOVEMBER OF 2015 for 2 months, that the HARPER GOVERNMENT SIGNED so they leaked GOVERNMENT CLASSIFIED SECRET INFORMATION to the LOBBYISTS of the WARSHIP BUILDING CORPORATION to blackmale the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT into not cancelling the WARSHIP BUILDING CONTRACT and the LOBBYISTS leaked that information to a CBC RADIO REPORTER. The TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT wanted to MUZZLE THE LOBBYISTS and the reporter so they took the 2 month hold off of the NAVAL WARSHIP BUILDING CONTRACT and excepted the contract and the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT hired the reporter to work as an advisor for the DEFENCE DEPARTMENT to shut him up. Some of the information that was leaked to blackmale the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT was about the TORTURE AND ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION OF MY WIFE AND KIDS AND I.

Here is the news article that explains what was going on.

My wife and I had TERROR WARRANTS TAKEN OUT ON US IN 2008 AND IN 2009. We were the ones who had the fraudulent 30-08 warrants taken out on us by the HARPER GOVERNMENT.

AND IN 2003 THE LIBERAL GOVERNMENT UNDER PAUL MARTIN AND IRWIN COTLER TRIED TO HAVE OUR WHOLE FAMILY MURDERED IN THUNDERBAY ONTARIO. They tried to blow up our house, 7 of us lived there. Me, my wife and our 5 young children and our youngest was just born.

They held my family and I in Vancouver BC until JANUARY OF 2016. The government couldn’t get another warrant on us from the courts to surveil us any longer because the last surveilance on us in 2015 was without a warrant. They surveiled us in 2015 just because the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT OF CANADA UNDER HARPER TOLD THEM TO DO IT WITHOUT GOING TO THE COURTS because we were trying to get our information from them, they had our apartment wired for sound and everything.

In 2016 the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT granted MINISTERIAL PERMISSIONS to the military to intercept our communications from JANUARY OF 2016 TILL DECEMBER OF 2016 for the RCMP.  The surveillance was initiated by the EX HEAD OF CSEC who we applied to to get our information because they have been intercepting our communications for years thanks to the fraudulent 30-08 warrants the HARPER GOVERNMENT TOOK OUT ON US IN 2009 but CSEC wouldn’t give us our information either.

They applied for the surveillance in DECEMBER OF 2015 when my family and I tried to leave Vancouver BC to move to Edmonton Alberta and they were granted the surveillance permissions at the begining of JANUARY 2016. That is why they finally let us leave BC in JANUARY 2016.

We are currently living in Toronto and we have been abused, assaulted and harassed and under constat surveilance since we moved here from Edmonton Alberta on JUNE 04 2016. The investigation on MARK NORMAN lasted for 16 months from DECEMBER OF 2015 when our family tried to leave BC until the begining of APRIL 2017. We were living in SCARBOROUGH where the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT HAD US RELOCATED TO AND PUT IN A GOVERNMENT OF TORONTO HOUSING SHELTER THAT WAS CREATED BY THE EX MAYOR OF TORONTO AND THEY TRIED TO SET US UP WITH THE SAME EX MAYOR OF TORONTO AS OUR LAWYER TO HANDLE OUR COURT CASE AGAINST THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT. We were being abused there by the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT until we left SCARBOROUGH  IN MARCH 2017. The TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT tried to set us up for arrest the whole 16 months that they had their investigation going on against MARK NORMAN. You would not beleve what criminal activities the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT tried to get us involved in to arrest us. We were informed by the ONTARIO GOVERNMENT THAT THE TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT WAS DELETEING SOME OF OUR GOVERNMENT INFORMATION ON THEIR GOVERNMENT COMPUTER SYSTEMS ABOUT US.

As soon as we left SCARBOROUGH they decided to end their investigation against MARK NORMAN and they finally anounced the end of their 16 month investigation at the beginig of this month APRIL 2017 because they realized there was no way to put an end to us sueing them for decades of torturing our family. You will find out at our trial when we sue the HARPER GOVERNMENT and the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT for decades of abusing and trying to murder our family.

Here is the latest news about their 16 month MARK NORMAN investigation and who wants to keep the trial under wraps.

That is why the TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT is backing off their main ELECTION PROMISE TO OVERHAUL THE ACCESS TO INFORMATION system, they don’t want us to get our government information showing decades of abuse and attempted murder of our family. When they took us to court in AUGUST OF 2016 to have our daughter illegally taken from us they gave us their fradulent affidavit which even they themselves admitted to minor abuses of me and my family ever since I was a ward of the court as a juvenile until  last year 2016. They even stated themselves in their own fraudulent affidavit that they abused my family and I for over 35 years so imagine if they were actually truthful in their affidavit. They left most of the abuses to our family out of their affidavit but the abuses were so bad they had to at least admit to minor abuses against me and my family for over 35 years even when I was in CHILDRENS AID SOCIETY OF ONTARIO WHERE THEY JUST PUT OUR 14 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER AND NOW THEY ARE ABUSING HER THE SAME WAY THEY ABUSED ME WITH CHILD MOLESTATION.





My wife and I started using Craigslist in 2008 and we met some corrupt intelligence agents through Craigslist around the same time. We are not terrorists but the Canadian government used my wife and I as patsies and took fraudulent terror warrants out on us in 2009. The Canadian government lied to the Judge, Judge Richard Mosley and the Courts to get the warrants which were called 30-08 warrants. The Judge didn’t find out they lied to him until 2013 when he ordered the Harper government to stop using the warrants. During that time the Harper government tried to murder us and they tortured our family for years. We are in Toronto now and we have gotten a lawyer and we are in the process of sueing the Canadian government. We are still under surveilance by the Canadian government and we have been assaulted numerous times by Canadian intelligence since we arrived in Toronto.

Me Michael Rodger Heroux and my wife Ingrid Van Eyk are still having counter intelligence operation run against us under bill C 51. We use Rogers internet and we are constantly still being hacked and CSIS and the RCMP are still torturing us. They are still putting ROOT KITS and malware of all kinds on our operating systems. We have been assaulted and they are threatening assassination against my family and I again.

They took our 14 year old daughter away from us and put her in a group home where they are using brain washing techiques against her so we won’t proceed with sueing them. She is not allowed to use internet since they took her from us, she is not allowed to have her cell phone. She cannot go out by herself, she always has to be escorted where ever she goes. She cannot use a cell phone, she cannot have her tablet, she cannot play video games anymore, she cannot use a camera, she cannot talk to her family unless someone is on the other phone monitoring what she is saying, she can’t visit with her family unless someone is monitoring the visits, she cannot have a camera to take pictures, she is being BRAIN WASHED by some agent they sent from WASHINGTON DC. She is being reprogrammed by the Trudeau government becauae they have abused our family for over 20 years. When they took her from us JUDGE SAGER ruled NO PREJUDICE AGAINST HER FAMILY AT ALL but they are threatening us that they are going to do her harm.

We went to the ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE OF THE INDEPENDANT INVESTIGATION UNIT OF ONTARIO on Bay St. in Toronto here to have the assaults and threats against us investigated but they looked into the assaults and threats and told us it would not be in the best interests of their office to investigate the assaults and threats against our family since we have been persuing legal action against them. They said it was the RCMP that assaulted and threatened us and they said they don’t investigate the RCMP anyways, they gave us documentation stating if we want Justice we will have to take our case to the Supreme Court Of Canada. They took our abuse reports and defrauded them by changing our reports we submitted to them and then they sent us fraudulent replies.

We got a lawyer not too long ago, he is FALCONER from the FALCONER LAW FIRM and they told us they would help us with our case. We are the ones who had the fradulent 30-08 WARRANTS taken out on us by the HARPER government. We have been tortured ever since and it is still going on. They have been contacting our family members for years to try to get our family members to torture us also.

We are a family of 5. My wife Ingrid Van Eyk and I Michael Rodger Heroux and my daughter Victoria Van Eyk and my other daughter Clarissa Van Eyk and my son Michael Van Eyk.

When they took our 14 year old daughter away from us we were living in a government of Toronto housing shelter that is run by the Ontario government. We contacted Justin Trudeau’s MP John Mackay because we were living in his riding at the time but they didn’t want to help us even thought they knew we had been tortured over the fradulent 30-08 terror warrants the Harper government took out on us in 2009. They said we could keep our daughter if we gave them all of our email addresses and phone numbers, they wanted all of our social media platforms and they wanted to be able to come in our home and monitor our family when ever they wanted to and if we didn’t do as they said they were going to take Clarissa away from us.

They said they would say we were secluding her in our home for too long. The government of Toronto told us they took her because we wouldn’t answer our door when they came by but they took her because we told them we are in the process of sueing them. We are not doing anything wrong, they just don’t want us talking about the torture of our family.

The Toronto police have come by a few times and spoke with our kids to ask them if the torture was real and as soon as they found out it was they took our daughter from us. They put our daughter in a group home to BRAIN WASH her and she is only 14 years old. They set her up with a 22 year old boyfriend from Washington DC and we are going to have him and the group home charged because they are letting her date this man even though she is only 14 years old and ONTARIO CHILDRENS AID knows all about this, THIS IS CHILD MOLESTATION.

My wife and I and our children were in Vancouver in November 2015 and the National Security Enforcement Team smashed our door in on the 10th of November 2015. They torn our place apart looking for something and they destroyed our computers so we couldn’t blog about them anymore and they stole some of our intelligence documents we got from the government. They took all of our belongings and threw them and us out of our place and onto the streets that day and locked us out of our place. We moved all of our stuff and our family to another motel and bought Greyhound tickets to leave B.C. and move to Edmonton in December.

When we tried to leave Vancouver in December 2015 to move to Edmonton the National Security Enforcement Team took our tickets and held us at the Greyhound station for 3 day. After 3 days they gave us our money back for the tickets and told us to stay away from the Greyhound station or they would throw us in jail. We left the station but they would not let us leave B.C. until January 2016. They were threatening death on us all the time and telling us to back off or else. They took our cell phone from us before we left B.C. and they didn’t give it back.


We were constantly under surveilance in Edmonton and the government told us the “5 EYES” could assassinate us anytime and they could not do anything about it. The Edmonton police came to us and explained to us what was going on and they kept us safe the whole time we were there.

In June of 2016 the Rachel Notley government helped us get funding from the government for food and rent and transportation back to Ontario so we could get legal representation to sue them. We arrived in Toronto June 4th 2016 and met with the provincial Courts because they wanted to see our documents from the National Security Enforcement Royal Canadian Mounted Police Counter Terrorism Unit, that is when they granted us LEGAL AID.

My wife and I were the ones who had the 30-08 warrants taken out on us in 2009 by the Harper government. We are still under surveilance and still getting abuse by the Trudeau government.





When we first arrived in Toronto we used a cab company called Diamond cabs. We were staying at a divey hotel called the Waverly Hotel. My family and I had already been assaulted numerous times by Canadian intelligence since coming to Toronto. Canadian intelligence tried to get at us again while staying at the Waverly Hotel. We think it was another assassination attempt but we can’t prove it. The Toronto police that we reported it to seemed to think so also but the Toronto police would not investigate it for us. They told us that they could not protect our family 24/7 and that only CSIS or the RCMP could offer us protection because the terror warrants against us were FEDERAL TERROR WARRANTS.

When we left the Waverly Hotel, Diamond cabs that picked us up with our luggage stole one of our duffle bags of clothing. He sped off on us outside the Greyhound station downtown Toronto while we were unloading our luggage with his trunk still open and our luggage still in his trunk. He sped off down the block and stopped at the end of the street, got out of his cab and slammed his trunk shut and sped off with our luggage.

We called the Diamond cab company and they knew exactly who we were. They knew where the cab picked us up and when, and they knew exactly where the cab dropped us off and they knew exactly what cab it was and who was driving it. The cab company would not tell us anything unless they got permission from the Toronto police to give us that information and they told us that the cab driver would of dropped our luggage off at 52 Division of the Toronto police. So we called the Toronto police to investigate and they came to the Greyhound station and we told them what Diamond cabs told us. They got the Greyhound security and went into the station and viewed the security footage. When the Toronto police came out of the station they said the security cameras at the Greyhound station couldn’t tell who was driving the cab even though the cab driver got out at the Greyhound station and was walking around outside of the Greyhound station on that bright sunny day. The Toronto police told us there are 5000 cab drivers in Toronto and they couldn’t tell which one it was that stole our luggage.

We called Diamond cabs back and told them what the Toronto police told us and they said they can’t give us the drivers name unless the police were to charge the driver with stealing our luggage otherwise our luggage would of been dropped off at 52 Divison of the Toronto police.

Shortly after that when we were still at the Greyhound station, an undercover agent came up to my family and I and told us he was working for the police. He said he had been watching us for a whole day and that he wanted to be friends with us. We told him we did not want to be friends with him and he became very angry with us. He started getting very aggressive with my wife and kids and I so we took out our video camera and started filming him. He got very angry because we had him on film and he started beating on me to try and take the camera from me. I told him I would not stop filming him until he left us alone so he jumped on his bike and left. About 15 minutes later he snuck up on my family with an empy wine bottle and tried to smash the bottle over my head. I bent forward and he miss my head and struck me across the back with the bottle. My son and my 2 daughters chased after him and took him to the ground and I ran over and held him until the Toronto police arrived. The Toronto police arrived and arrested him and he was pleading with the Toronto police to get the video we recorded of him harassing us because he did not want anyone to see his face.

The Toronto police took him away in their cruser and said they were going to charge him with assault. The undercover agent that assaulted us, dropped his identification when my children chased him down and arrested him. We tried to give the Toronto police the undercover agents identification when they were taking the undercover agent away but the Toronto police told us they didn’t want it and they didn’t want the video we took of the undercover agent harrassing us either. It was surreal, we never seen that before in our lives but it was PAR FOR THE COARSE because we have seen some pretty messed us stuff since the first assassination attempt on our family in 2003 that CSIS AGENT DANNY PALMER REPORTED TO THE MEDIA.


We went to the ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE OF THE INDEPENDANT INVESTIGATION UNIT for investigating police abuses and when we were waiting at their office on Bay St. to report our abuses the 2 Toronto police officers who arrested the undercover agent who assaulted us showed up there to speak with us. They started questioning us about what we were doing there and they wanted to know if we registered our luggage with Greyhound as we traveled across Canada with it or did we sneak our duffle bags onto the bus without registering them. We told them yes we did register our duffle bags with Greyhound because there is no way you can get 50 pound hockey bags across Canada from BC without registering them. WE THOUGHT THEY WERE ASKING BECAUSE THEY WERE FROM 52 DIVISION AND MAYBE THEY CAME ACROSS OUR DUFFLE BAG THAT WAS STOLEN FROM US BY DIAMOND TAXI. THEY WANTED TO KNOW WHY WE MOVED BACK TO ONTARIO FROM BC ANYWAYS SO WE EXPLAINED TO THEM ABOUT ALL THE ABUSE WE SUFFERED OUT WEST BECAUSE OF WHAT THE ONTARIO GOVERNMENT STARTED WITH US SO WE TOLD THEM WE CAME BACK TO GET A LAWYER TO SUE THE GOVERNMENT JUST LIKE WE TOLD EVERY GOVERNMENT AGENT WE SPOKE TO SINCE ARRIVING IN ONTARIO JUNE 4 2016.







My wife and I were the ones who had the fraudulent 30-08 warrants taken out on us in 2009. We contacted Ralph Goodale by mail in 2015 about being abused before he came into power and we contacted him again after he became public safety minister in the beginning of 2016 because we were being tortured again under the Trudeau government in Vancouver. We never heard back from him at all except for agents coming up to us on the streets of Vancouver and telling us to back off or we would be dead. We managed to finally leave BC but the NATIONAL SECURITY ENFORCEMENT COUNTER TERRORISM UNIT stopped us from leaving for over a month by taking away our Greyhound tickets and threatening to throw us in jail if we didn’t stay away from the GreyHound station. After a month they finally decided to let us leave BC and we made it to Edmonton Alberta where we were able to get some help from Rachel Notleys constituency to get to Toronto so we can find legal representation to sue them. We are in Toronto now. Thank God for Rachel Notley and her great people in Edmonton that helped us get to Toronto. We have just qualified for a Legal Aid Certificate and we are searching for the best Human Rights Lawyer we can find just like the courts told us to.

Canadian Intelligence Murdering Families


Canadian Intelligence is spoofing our internet and they are posting fake news stories to make us think some of our friends have been murdered and they have been doing that for a while now. Some of the web sites are so real you can’t tell the difference. We had a good friend of ours that helped us get some of our internet straighten out but they murdered him shortly after that and they are reporting it was an accident. He was Jake Brewer, Obama’s senior technical adviser in the white house.

Canadian Intelligence are messing around with our children also through their Sony GTA5 video game online play. They befriended our children over the months of playing with them and they were trying to lure them out of the house to get at them. We reported it to the Vancouver Police but the police can’t do nothing about it. They have been threatening to murder our family again because they don’t want us to go to court against them over the fraudulent 30-08 warrants they took out on us. They have been trying to bribe us with large amounts of cash to forget about going to court against them.

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton




Oakville Mayor Rob Burton


Harpers Terror Plot



Former CSIS officer warns new federal anti-terror bill will ‘lead to lawsuits, embarrassment’

Stephen Maher | February 13, 2015 | Last Updated: Feb 13 6:25 PM ET

Former CSIS officer Francois Lavigne is alarmed by the Conservative government’s new anti-terror bill.

He believes the measures proposed in C-51 are unnecessary, a threat to the rights of Canadians and that the prime minister is using fascist techniques to push the bill.

Mr. Lavigne started his career with the RCMP security service in 1983, before the CSIS was established.

“I was hired by the barn burners,” he said in an interview last week. “I went to work for the FIU unit, the foreign interference unit. And that was where the barn burners came from.”

The barn burners were the off-the-leash Mounties whose law-breaking ways led to the McDonald Commission, which led to the establishment of Canadian Security Intelligence Service in 1984.

Mr. Lavigne, who went from the Mounties to CSIS and later worked overseeing spies in the solicitor general’s office, likes CSIS’s design. It was set up as an intelligence-gathering body, not an enforcement agency, actively overseen by an inspector general and reviewed by the Security Intelligence Review Committee.

Mr. Lavigne, 55, left government in 1999, but follows intelligence news closely.

He spent years tracking dangerous radicals without the powers the government wants to give to CSIS.

“I find it a little convenient that in the past few years that these radicalized people are the biggest threat to ever hit us,” he said. “There are more people dying because of drunk drivers or because of gang violence.”

The changes in C-51 will give CSIS broad powers to take action to disrupt plots and reduce threats, in Canada and abroad. This is a recipe for trouble.

“If you give them more powers, if you lower the threshold, if you allow them to collect even more information, follow more people, detain people, inevitably it’s going to lead to lawsuits, to embarrassment. It’s not if it will happen. It’s when.”

The prime minister uses strong language to warn Canadians about the “jihadist” threat, pointing to the attacks on Parliament Hill and in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Mr. Lavigne said the public doesn’t have enough information about those attackers to justify new powers.

“We know they have some kind of link to the ISIL group, whether it’s from having seen something on YouTube or discussed things with a couple of people, but they’re not organized,” he said. “It’s not like they’re part of an organization. These are people who for their own reasons decided to act.”

Mr. Lavigne said that by proposing broad new powers, the government is either getting bad advice from security officials or ignoring good advice.

“I have never seen the RCMP and CSIS have such a cosy relationship with government,” he said. “They’re not supposed to be.”

On Thursday, law professors Craig Forcese of the University of Ottawa and Kent Roach of the University of Toronto, released a hair-raising 37-page analysis of C-51.

CSIS will be able to get warrants at secret hearings to violate Canadians’ rights, which risks creating “a secret jurisprudence on when CSIS can act beyond the law.”

CSIS will have “open-ended authorization whose proper and reasonable application will depend on perfect government judgment.”

They worry that Canadians can’t have confidence CSIS won’t be used to target political enemies of the government.

In 2012, the government shut down the office of the CSIS inspector general, which provided active oversight. Since then, after-the-fact review is provided by the Security Intelligence Review Committee, a part-time committee formerly headed by an accused fraudster.

Mr. Forcese and Mr. Roach said expanding CSIS’s powers without improving oversight is “breathtakingly irresponsible.”

Mr. Lavigne agrees. He said that CSIS “sanitizes its files” before handing them to SIRC.

“To say that SIRC is any kind of oversight body is really misleading and the government knows that.”

A lot of what the government says about this issue is disturbing to Mr. Lavigne.

On Monday, standing next to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Ottawa, for instance, the prime minister said: “As you are aware, Madame Chancellor, one of the jihadist monster’s tentacles reached as far as our own Parliament.”

Mr. Lavigne said the prime minister’s advisers must tell him that using inflammatory language increases the risk.

“When our leaders start talking about tentacles and jihadis and barbarians, it’s adding fuel to the fire. It’s actually increasing the likelihood of that happening.”

Mr. Lavigne said the prime minister’s language reminds him of fascist leaders like Mussolini and Franco.

“Some of these tactics are taken right out of the fascist playbook,” he said. “Create an enemy that is hard to identify. Make it an enemy that is nebulous and seems to be able to do things that nobody else can. Don’t define the enemy. Just identify. Generate fear around that enemy, Then send out the message that the only people who can deal with this enemy are us.”

But the government isn’t fascist, I said. Rhetoric aside, it is not crossing the line to fascist actions.

He agrees. “They’re not crossing the line. They’re using the language to appeal to the emotions, which is one of the first stages. Disinformation being the second, which I think they also use. But they’re not fascist. I’m not saying the government’s fascist.”

He laughs.

“Don’t detain me.”

National Post

Updated: 6 Year RCMP Investigation




My family and I have been struggling with the Harper government and more recently with the RCMP just to get our investigation information they have on us. I used to work undercover for the RCMP to help them get their arrest warrants from the Judges and the RCMP just notified us by mail that we are not even entitled under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT to get any of that information at all.

They have been leading us on since the begining of this year by telling us to get our investigation information from them that they need this information from us, and they need that information from us, before they can give us our investingation information to us under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT, and after jumping through hoops to give them what they asked for they just sent us a letter saying we are not entitled under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT to have access to even just basic criminal investigation information. We know we have been investigated on and off by the RCMP for close to 30 years but we are not allowed to know what the investigations were about even though the investigations never amounted to any charges against us.

We understand why CSIS and CSEC are not able to give us our 30-08 warrant investigation information because they said it is classified even though CSIS never charged us for anything either after investigting us from 2008-2010, but the RCMP says we are not even entitled to our regular investigation information from them.

We applied to The Justice Minister Of B.C., Honourable Suzanne Anton for our investigation warrant information to find out what we were and are being investigated for here in B.C. but all she would send us is court documents from when I was in trouble with the law over 15 years ago for prescription medication abuse that I was getting from my doctor. I was addicted to sleeping pills and alcohol over 15 years ago and I did some stupid things that I didn’t even remember doing the next day. I took a whole bottle of sleeping medication one night and I guess I left my house and went to a 7-11 variety store and stole a handful of change from the clerk there. I didn’t remember taking the sleeping pills or stealing the change from the clerk at the store but I was arrested and I spent about a week in jail and they ended up charging me with theft when my court dates were done with. I don’t even remember much of being in jail either and the courts said the only reason they kept me in jail for a week was because I was so out of it from the sleeping pills that the jail guards had to carrying me into the court to see the Judge.

It was a generic brand of that Ambian type sleeping medication and I was addicted to that for quite a while. It was really bad stuff, it was highly addictive for sleeping medication and that was the last time I ever got that stuff from my doctor again. I was taking sleeping medication for many years for a sleeping disorder and they changed my medication to that stuff and that was really powerful medication for a sleeping pill.

The courts gave me a years probation and community service and that is the last time I was in trouble with the law. Since then, the Canadian government has gotten a number of different criminal and terror warrants on me and my wife in B.C. and Ontario but we are not allowed to know anything about what for. We know the 30-08 warrants were fraudulent because CSIS used my wife and I and lied to Judge Richard Mosley to get the warrants, and Judge Richard Mosley sternly rebuked CSIS and CSEC for doing that but we can’t even get our RCMP criminal warrant investigation information to know what the government was up to.

All we know is from our 2 older daughters that were sent back home to live with us by the RCMP in 2008 to investigate us.

We don’t think they told our daughters the whole truth either. We don’t think our daughters even knew what they were getting into. My wife has never broken the law in her life and she has no criminal record at all and the RCMP won’t even give her a single piece of her investigation information and now they are telling us that all of our information can be held back from us because of certain clauses in the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT. It doesn’t make sence to us so we are going to have to try and find a lawyer and ask the courts to help us secure our personal information from the government.

We have been dealing with the Harper government to get our investigation information since 2013 and they keep lying to us and they keep sending us fraudulent documents. Here is our more recent attempts to get our information. Here is what we sent them and this is what they sent us.




This is what they sent us.





Here is our next attempt after that one didn’t succeed.





Here is their next reply to us.





That attempt didn’t work either so we sent the RCMP a list of places we have been for them to check like they wanted.








And here is their next reply.





As you can see there, the RCMP acknowledged the places that we sent them.

Merrit B.C./Langford B.C./Duncan B.C./Prince George B.C./Burnaby B.C./Oakbay B.C./Esquimalt B.C./Victoria B.C./Kamloops B.C./Nanaimo B.C./Vancouver B.C./London Ont./Leamington Ont./Chatham Ont./Thunderbay Ont./Windsor Ont./

So we waited for their reply and here is what they sent us.




The RCMP altered our list of places and they left 6 of the cities we asked them to search off of our list and they only searched one city, DUNCAN B.C. the city where I was charged over 15 years ago for stealing the change from the 7-11 variety store.

The cities that they left off the list were /London Ont./Leamington Ont./Chatham Ont./Thunderbay Ont./Windsor Ont./ and Victoria B.C./ They are the cities where we lived and I know for sure I had been investigated by the RCMP by either uniformed and/or undercover RCMP agents on and off for many years. In fact London Ontario is where I had known RCMP warrants taken out on me and London Ontario is where I worked undercover for the RCMP to help them secure their warrants from the Judges and I also met and hung around many RCMP officers in and out of uniform and it was just me and them, there were no other informants there that I would have to get there permission to have their information released because most of the time it was just me and them.

The DUNCAN B.C. database they searched for me was the information relating to my arrest there over 15 years ago for stealing the change from the 7-11 variety store. They sent me similar information as The Justice Minister Of B.C., Honourable Suzanne Anton did but it was a little more informative. In fact most of the documents from DUNCAN B.C. the RCMP sent me were CLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL across the pages they sent me which we looked up and the Canadian government classifies document Confidential when they pertain to National Security that would be damaging to the government of Canada is they were released.

We are not sure why my arrest documents from DUNCAN B.C. for stealing a handful of changed from the 7-11 would be CLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL.

I know why Thunderbay Ontario was left out of their search because that is where CSIS tried to assassinate my wife and kids and I by attempting to blowing up our house in 2003 as stated by the 12 year veteran Agent of CSIS Danny Palmer in 2003

and I know why Windsor Ontario was left off the list because that is where we were investigated by the RCMP and CSIS over the fraudulent 30-08 warrants they got by lying to Judge Richard Mosley and that is where we first met Kathy Liknes who offered us $250,000 dollars from the Ontario government in 2009 for the abuse and poisoning of my family and I,

and I know why Victoria B.C. was left off the list because the 30-08 warrants expired on us there in January 2010 and ever since January 2010 the RCMP has been using provincial B.C. criminal warrants on us for the last 6 year to keep the investigation on us active because as long as the investigation on us is active with a criminal warrant we are not entitled to get our criminal investigation information under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT and they never have to tell us we were ever investigated as long as the investigation is on going, only after a criminal investigation on someone is over do they have to inform the person or persons they were the subject of an investigation and that their house was wired for sound and that their communications were being intercepted.

As we were studing the CLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL documents from DUNCAN B.C. we noticed something very interesting that we think Canadian Intelligence may have over looked. There was one sentence that was not redacted that pertained to an RCMP investigation that was happening to us in Windsor Ontario October 2006, just shortly after we arrived in Windsor Ontario after we left Thunderbay Ontario where CSIS tried to blow us up. We know we where investigated once we arrived in Windsor 2006 and throughout 2007 when CSIS tried to get those “special power” warrants from Judge Blanchard and now we have CLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL documents from Canadian Intelligence referring to an investigation by Canadian Intelligence going on in Windsor Ontario in October 2006.

We will now apply to the Courts and try to have our investigation information released to find out what they were up to.


Justin Trudeau Federal Liberal Party Corruption Part 2


After we applied to the Justice Department on February 5, 2014 for our intelligence information to sue the Harper government for the torture, assaults, poisonings and assassination attempts against my wife and kids and I, Irwin Cotler reluctantly announced he was stepping down. 2 days later on February 7, 2014 the Harper government announced they were appealing Judge Richard Mosley’s Rubuke of the 30-08 warrant decision he ordered on them for lying to the federal terror courts.


The Harper government ended up losing their appeal of Judge Richard Mosley’s Rebuke of the 30-08 warrant decision he ordered on them for lying to the federal terror courts. Then the Harper government applied to the Supreme Court Of Canada to appeal the decision to them. Just recently the Harper government decided to drop their appeal to the Supreme Court Of Canada and they muzzled the media into not reporting on dropping the appeal, but I found it on Twitter and retweeted it and forced the media into reporting on it.  Here is the story.

After applying for our information we decided to contact our MP Don Davies and let him know about the torture, assaults, poisonings and assassination attempts against my wife and kids and I and ask him for his help with legal representation and getting our information and to find out why our government was doing this to us. We tried getting legal aid and they said if your government is abusing you and trying to kill you that don’t qualify for legal aid, only if your government is charging you with something. That didn’t make sence to us. We also tried numerous civil liberty and civil rights organizations and probably about a hundred legal organizations and nobody will help us with legal representation. In fact one of the places our MP Don Davies told us to go, they tried to set us up with an illegal undercover operation to try and get us to sign wavers, waving the Justice Department of any harm they might of cause us over the fraudulent 30-08 warrants they took out on us. Here is that story.

Here is our first attempt at getting our MP Don Davies to help us.





After contacting Don Davies we waited months for him to get back to us but he never did, we waited till summer 2014 and he still never got back to us so we went to his office  to see if he could help us but his staff working at his office said he couldn’t help.

We decided at the beginning of 2015 that we would try to get Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party to help us. We thought maybe they could help us get legal representation.


We sent letters to all the Federal Liberals to see if they could help, including the 5 Liberals in the picture here announcing Irwin Cotlers resignation. At the time we thought our 2 daughters had been murdered by Canadian Intelligence because that is what they told us, so we were desperate to find legal representation to help us. Here are the stories and the letters we sent to the 5 Liberals in the photo.












We were hoping the Federal Liberal Party would help us out with legal representation to sue the Harper government for torturing, assaulting, poisoning and attempting to assassinate us but we were wrong, they weren’t interested in bringing the Harper government to justice even though all they talk about is transperancy, all they were worried about is passing bill C-51 so they can use it to cover up all the dirt they left behind from their last go in office. The only Liberal that got back to us was Chrystia Freeland and here are her letters.





We decided to try to get our MP Don Davies to help us again so we contacted him for a third time in over a year and here is the letter we sent him.



After we sent Don Davies this letter he finally got back to us with this letter, it took us 15 months and 3 attempts to get this reply from him.





Justin Trudeau Federal Liberal Party Corruption Part 1

In 2003 the Canadian government tried to assassinate my wife and I, the assassination was supposed to be just the 2 of us but they decided to take out our whole family, my wife and I and our 5 young children. Here is what happened.

The government in power at the time was the Paul Martin Federal Liberal Party. The assassination attempt was around Christmas 2003 and the Justice Minister Of Canada at the time was Irwin Cotler. The assassination was to be carried out by CSIS and would of been ordered by The Justice Minister Irwin Cotler. CSIS only acts on the orders of the highest in command and they always take their orders from The Justice Minister.


The assassination orders would of been given before July 2003 when we were being harrassed by Canadian Intelligence because CSIS agent Danny Palmer was fired in July 2003 because he spoke out to his superiors about the abuse and the assassinations and he was fired for it.

CSIS terminated Palmer’s employment in July 2003. The Federal Court dismissed Palmer’s application for the judicial review in April 2013.

“The conduct and discipline measures against me and my dismissal involved my concern over the undermining of operations, violations of policies and the actual criminal negligence, such as allowing two Canadian residents to be targeted assassination in Canada by a Foreign Intelligence Service and associated CSIS target (sic),” wrote Palmer, in the Nov. 15, 2006, letter.


Danny Palmers boss at the time was Mr. Ward Elcock the head of CSIS, here is some of his corruption.


Mr. Ward Elcock’s boss at the time was Martin Cauchon, he was the Justice Minister Of Canada from January 15, 2002 till December 11, 2003. He belonged to Jean Chretien’s Federal Liberal Party, he would of gave the go ahead for the assassinations before he left the duties of Justice Minister, before Irwin Cotler took over in December 2003.


Martin Cauchon’s right hand man was Wayne Easter, he was Solicitor General under Jean Chretien from October 22, 2002 till December 11, 2003. Wayne Easter was in charge of Canadian Intelligence and the RCMP just like the Public Saftey Minister Steve Blaney is now.Wayne Easter would of been well aware of the planned assassination against my wife and kids and I. He is in Justin Trudeau’s Federal Liberal Party as Irwin Cotler is also. Martin Cauchon wanted to lead The Federal Liberal Party in 2013 but they knew they needed a cleaner leader to win so they went with Justin Trudeau instead.Here is Wayne Easter partying it up at an RCMP Conservative party party. He is Justin Trudeau’s Public Safety Critic, if the Justin Trudeau Federal Liberal Party wins the election in October Wayne will be responsible for our safety and implementing Bill C-51 against us that Steven Harper awarded him with.


The assassination attempt against us around Christmas of 2003 almost succeeded, they almost blew our house up but we managed to catch on to what they were up to before they did but shortly after that they poisoned us for the first time. I guess after they though about it for a while they realized they could use us for something bigger. They tried to use us in 2007 to get terror warrants with Special Powers that they wanted really bad so they could integrate their intelligence agency with the U.S. but Judge Blanchard turned them down. They were able to get regular terror warrants on us in 2008 and in 2009 they lied to Judge Richard Mosley so they could upgrade those regular terror warrants to 30-08 warrants with the Special Powers that they were looking for.

Irwin Cotler ended up announcing he will be stepping down this year over the torture and assassination attempts against my wife and kids and I. Also stepping down over the corruption are Justice Minister Peter Mackay, Harper’s Fedederal Minister for Ontario John Baird and
Harper’s Fedederal Minister for British Columbia James Moore. Irwin Cotler reluctantly announced he’s stepping down the same day we applied to The Justice Department Of Canada for our torture and assassination information so we can sue the Harper government.


Irwin Cotler announced that same day after The Justice Department Of Canada got our information request that he will be reluctantly leaving Justin Trudeau’s Federal Liberal Party. Here are our documents.


At the time when we were applying for our information online, Canadian Intelligence were monitoring us and our internet in real time as we were filling out this application, and we thought it was funny because they wouldn’t let us continue with our online application unless we agreed to their new terms of service agreement. The new agreement poped up on the screen and we had to agree to it before we could go any further. As you can see on the date at the bottom of the agreement they made it up in real time also.